Getting into the Zone with Stressed/Distressed Opportunities

There is a prevailing feeling among investors that we are late in the cycle, with overpricing a worry across markets, whether in public/private equity, or in real estate. Following a historically long bull market, people are also worried about market corrections and rising interest rates, among other concerns.

However, there are ample pockets of opportunity for those who are willing to look off the beaten path, all which can offer unique alpha to a portfolio.

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Impact = Alpha

Impact. Responsible investing. ESG. SRI. UNPRI. There’s been a flock to impact/ESG (environmental, social, governance focused) investing and a flurry of acronyms in the investment landscape of late, and perhaps even a misappropriation and overuse of impact nomenclature (after all, traditional private equity and hedge funds can be impactful). Impact investing is getting top billing …

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Keith Danko Quoted in Bloomberg on Paulson’s First Loss Bet

First loss is rapidly becoming popular, though many still don’t understand its mechanics. Bloomberg reports that John Paulson has signed up with three of the industry’s top first-loss providers. Witherspoon Partners Founding Partner Keith Danko shared his thoughts on the topic, as quoted in this Bloomberg headline story from April 23, 2018:

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Witherspoon’s Marketing Plan for the New Year

Witherspoon Partners New Year’s Marketing Plan: From January 2018 Emerging Manager Monthly Emerging Manager Monthly published a special report in its January 2018 issue, “A Look Inside Emerging Manager Programs.” In it Witherspoon Partners’ Founder and Managing Partner Keith Danko shares New Year’s marketing resolutions in a guest column (“Making Your Marketing Plan for the …

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Fearless Predictions for 2018

The tumultuous times of 2017 are just about in the rearview mirror, but what surprises lie ahead? In no particular order, we share predictions for 2018 based upon what we see developing in markets, governments and the asset management business (spoiler alert: no Bitcoin projections here). In short, the news is mixed for investors and …

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Big Data, Blind Trust

Big data is here to stay. In case there was any doubt, the Equifax fiasco painfully exposed how much data can rule—and ruin—the day. The most recent issue of The Family Office Alpha Report addressed big data’s transformation of the investment world, especially as the fuel for quantitative/algorithmic strategies. But while data has provided an …

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